From the Highway 50 intersection. Exit Highway 50 at the Main Street exit. Turn left at first stop light or go thru light and make first left and in to parking lot. We are the first 2 buildings on the North side of  road.

From the Industrial Park. Turn West on old highway 50 or East North Ave.  You will travel over the overhead and in to town.  You will travel approximately 10 blocks west and thru 1 stop light.  When you see the second stop light  you can begin to find a parking spot or make a left at the second light and pull in to the parking lot.  We are located on the North side of the street.  If you park in the parking lot you will have to cross the street to the entrance of either Anthony's pizza or Anthony's Wild West.

You may also call 618-662-2400 for help.


Anthony's Wild West and Fallout Saloon is located downtown Flora Illinois at 107 and 109 East North Avenue


 Monday thru Thursday from 
10 AM to 9 PM

Friday & Saturday from
10 AM to 10 PM

Sunday - Restaurant Closed
12 P.M. to Midnight -Bar and Gameroom only

Bar and Gameroom open til 1 A.M.  Use back door after 9 P.M.